Intellectual Property Rights And Contracts Unit

ODTU TTO Intellectual Property Rights and Contracts Unit, within the scope of Intellectual Property Law No. 6769, which entered into force on January 10, 2017; conducts decision processes regarding invention/design disclosure, right of ownership, application and registration processes, and legal studies related to technology transfer.

ODTU TTO performs several studies in an ecosystem with 5 faculties, 29 interdisciplinary research centers, 221 laboratories, 2223 academicians and more than 330 technology companies. The first stage of the transformation of academic knowledge and technology developed in this ecosystem into a high value-added economy is to identify the studies based on registration.

Intellectual Property Rights and Contracts Unit conducts such studies in two different processes for “ODTU academicians and students” and “the companies at ODTU Technopolis”.

ODTU TTO has been supporting more than 150 research results with more than 250 patent and design applications since 2007. 70% of the patent applications are international and, as a result of these applications, America and Europe are the regions with the highest protection among the registrations.


The application and registration processes of the inventions and designs of ODTU academicians and students are conducted under the Intellectual Property Law No. 6769. Here is the flow chart of the invention disclosure and application process described within the framework of the relevant regulation below:

The Invention / Design Disclosure Form in the links below is required to be fulfilled in order to initiate the evaluation process.

The Invention / Design Disclosure Form must be filled in with technical details of the invention and sent to the relevant address, signed by all inventors / designers of the invention / design and then submitted to ODTÜ TTO. After the forms are submitted through e-mail, evaluation process begins and preliminary research is carried out for the invention / design. Preliminary research reports are submitted to ODTÜ Intellectual Property Evaluation Board for ODTU right ownership decision. If ODTÜ requests the right ownership on the intellectual property, applications will become on behalf of ODTU within the scope of Law No. 6769. If ODTÜ does not request the right ownership, all rights of the intellectual property are belong to the academician(s) / student(s).

If the registration applications of the inventions and designs are not notified to ODTÜ TTO by inventors / designers, it must be informed to ODTÜ TTO within 1 month from the date of application. If the right ownership is requested by the ODTÜ TTO Intellectual Property Evaluation Board for these applications, the right ownership belongs to ODTU. The inventions whose right ownership is not requested by ODTÜ TTO are regarded as free invention/design.

The application forms used in the disclosure process of the inventions and designs to ODTÜ



Two-stage support system has been developed by ODTÜ TTO in order to quickly initiate patent / design registration processes related to the scientific research areas developed at ODTÜ. Within this scope, for the research results providing the necessary criteria, the process of Turkey application is directly carried out and then, the commercialization potential is analyzed by ODTÜ TTO. According to the result of this study, the international application subject of the invention / design is evaluated.


“The Patent Acceleration Support Program” about intellectual property rights was launched in 2018 for the companies at ODTU Technopolis by ODTU Technopolis Administrative Inc. The program is conducted by ODTU TTO.

Within this program; Turkey registration applications of the inventions and / or designs whose preliminary research, description of the invention/design, preparation of the application file, filing of the application, research report request fees and attorney fees are not by public funds are supported by ODTU Technopolis.

The forms in the following links related to the program should be filled in with all technical details, and their electronic copy should be sent to It is necessary to submit the original copy which is signed by the company executive to ODTU Technopolis.

30 September 2019 is the deadline of “2019 Patent Acceleration Support Program”. You can find the detailed information about the program here. Here are the invention and design application forms that should be submitted to ODTU TTO below:



ODTU TTO, which gives importance to the contract stage negotiated in the initial period of technology transfer activities and affected all processes, provides university-industry collaboration, patent application - registration and commercialization support and legal support in terms of intellectual property rights for academicians and students. In this context, ODTU TTO provides extensive supports such as preparing contracts, giving legal support, taking part in negotiations in terms of confidentiality, licensing, transfer, university-industry collaboration projects etc.

An effective contract management is implemented in order to protect the intellectual property rights of academicians and students as a result of their projects with industry on behalf of ODTU.  In this process, before industry collaborations, negotiations are organized with the relevant units of the institution to be cooperated, and new approaches are analyzed within the scope of the Industrial Property Law by providing contract support.













Within the scope of the Industrial Property Law numbered 6769, in order to utilize the patent or design protection, the inventor and applicant may be different in the application. An inventor/designer means the real person or people who disclose(s) an invention/design. If the inventor/designer is different person/people from the applicant, the power of disposition of the invention/design belongs to the applicant.

In other words, the applicant is the owner of the patent/design and the applicant can be a real person or legal entity who has all kinds of material and moral rights and the power of disposition of these rights on the invention/design. If the applicant is different person/entity from the inventor/designer, the person or people who disclose(s) the invention/design do not have the power of disposition right on the invention/design.

For the inventions/designs which ODTÜ has requested the right ownership, ODTÜ is the applicant and the academicians and/or students who disclose the invention/design are the inventors/designers.

The disclosure of the invention in the 12 months before the patent application is called the tolerance period. This period is valid for Turkey and the US applications. If it is planned to publish something about the invention which is to be supported, stating this topic in the Invention Disclosure Form is important for the continuation for the process.

If the design is displayed to the public within 12 months before the application date by the designer, the innovation criterion of the design is not affected. The tolerance period mentioned before covers the 12 months before the application date in our country. According to Article 57/2 of the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, the duration of tolerance period is protective in terms of innovation, which is one of the criteria for utilizing design protection.

While the duration is 12 months for the applications of the European Union, Canada and Turkey; in some countries, it is limited to 6 months. It is of great importance to indicate the display of the design in the application form of the design whose registration is required. Besides, if the registration application process is completed within 6 months after the display for the designs, the priority right deriving from the display is used in the application.

Within this scope, if another person applies for the design within 6 months after the display, the right ownership belongs to the applicant who has the priority right thanks to the display.

The application and registration fees of the inventions and designs whose patent or design applications are decided by ODTÜ Industrial Property Evaluation Board will be paid by ODTÜ TTO.

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