The University-Industry Collaboration Unit is a bridge that aims to find the right solutions with the academicians who are experts in their fields according to the needs of the industry. It also provides R&D and Innovation Collaboration Process to be conducted professionally.

ODTÜ TTO enables the commercialization of successful R&D projects with national and international funds through high value-added university-industry collaborations. Moreover, it supports the development of numerous collaboration alternatives for the needs of the industry. Therefore, the leading companies of the sector, the academicians who are experts in their field and the units affiliated to ODTÜ research infrastructure are brought together to sustain the development of our country's economy based on information and technology.

To perform the most accurate matching within the framework of the demands of the industrial organizations which are willing to work with ODTÜ or receive any service from ODTÜ, the “Collaboration Development Form” must be filled in by the relevant industrial institution and it must be submitted to ODTÜ TTO. After the submission of the form, ODTÜ TTO starts to search to find the most suitable academicians and tries to match the industrial organizations and the academicians within the framework of the field and needs of the project.

After the matching of academician(s) and the industrial institution within the scope of the project, “Project Pre-Application Form” is filled in detail and submitted to ODTÜ TTO. If the evaluation of ODTÜ TTO is positive for the project, “TC Assignment Form” and “Academician Contracts” are prepared at the beginning of the project.

The university-industry collaboration models carried out by ODTÜ TTO are listed below:

• University-Industry Collaborations within the scope of "Business Development and Demand Matching" activities

• Project-based, need-oriented, solution-oriented, long-termed University-Industry Collaborations

• University-Industry Collaborations within the scope of TUBITAK 2244 - Industrial Doctorate Fellowship Programme

• University-Industry Collaborations within the scope of education programs and students’ graduation projects

• University-Industry and Public-University-Industry Collaborations that include institutional quality and multiple projects



ODTÜ TTO has developed different models to transform the research results at the University into high-tech products, new functions, and social benefits through the University-Industry-Public collaborations, and to conduct studies that can solve the needs of the industry.







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University- Industry Collaboration Unit / Assistant Specialist


University- Industry Collaboration Unit / Assistant Specialist


After the Project Pre-Application Form is submitted by the company, academician(s) who can meet the needs of the company are determined by ODTÜ TTO. By contacting the relevant academicians, their involvement in the project is clarified and then a meeting with the company is arranged. If there is a certain academician that the company wants to work with, a meeting can be organized in coordination with them.

The project does not have to be funded by an institution for University-Industry Collaboration. Getting funds from an institution is entirely up to the company's preference. It is also possible that the project can be conducted with the company's own resources.

To collaborate with ODTÜ TTO, the project that the company wants to conduct should be an innovative project which has R&D quality and is contributed by ODTU academicians.

Current funds and support programs are determined in the period of the application after analyzing the current situation in the university-industry collaboration development meetings with the company.

According to the necessity of the project proposed by the company, more than one academician from different fields can take part in the project. Research Centers at ODTÜ that is related to the project can also be included.

The stage of the project is not a criterion for the application. The need for an R&D-oriented project in terms of academic consultancy and project development is primarily important.

After the project is introduced to ODTÜ TTO, University Industry Collaboration Unıt contacts with the companies in the industry that can respond quickly and accurately to the needs of the project. If the companies have a desire to contribute to the project and the technical quality of them is suitable for the need, the companies and academician(s) are brought together and the process of developing collaboration can be started.

Please contact ODTÜ TTO University-Industry Collaboration Unit to develop university-industry collaboration and to learn about the relevant applications within ODTÜ.

Regarding technology-oriented innovative projects planned to be developed, meeting with ODTÜ TTO ensures analyzing the current situation of the project correctly and conducting the project with appropriate ODTÜ mechanisms.

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